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The Unforgetable Master, by Augusto Cury

Translated by Marcos de Paula and Lorenna Matias

This is the fifth and ultimate book from the “Analysis of the Intelligence of Christ” series. To top it off, Dr. Cury presents us the greatest shaper of thinkers in history. Here you will have the opportunity to learn from the precious teachings and the intelligence of a man who, in every possible way, was simply amazing! Although His personality was of incomparable greatness, this characteristic was showed mainly by His simplicity and humility.

This reading is especially interesting for psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, philosophers, educators, spiritual leaders, and anyone who wants to help other people to overcome their struggles – especially the inner ones. Following an extremely useful line to Biblical Psychology, the author approaches, with courage and propriety, concepts such as Spiritual Intelligence, soul and spirit, among others.

Dr. August Cury

History shows us that Jesus Christ was a real person, not a work of fiction – He doesn't even fit into the human imagination. Jesus was not an ordinary human being; yet He lived as a common man, greatly raising the standard of human virtues. Jesus showed unbeatable intelligence, boundless love, unique compassion, extraordinary kindness, dignity, brotherhood, self-denial and many other lofty virtues, which made Him the greatest example for all of us.

Christ loved humanity unconditionally, so He became one of us, in order to go through the same experiences that we undergo here on Earth. He came into this world as a carpenter and artisan, who knew how to sculpt the personality of His disciples, as no human practitioner could ever do. The author analyzes the personality traits of the disciples “before” and “after” they met Jesus, showing that they were simple men who, after following the Master, underwent a fantastic psychic and intellectual growth: Jesus transformed them into excellent thinkers who revolutionized humanity and became themselves examples for us.

The Master developed in them the art of thinking, tolerance, solidarity, forgiveness, the ability to put themselves in somebody else's shoes, and love. Although very young and insecure, the disciples promptly followed Christ and became fishers of human beings. They knew they were following a stranger, but they felt, deep within, that the Master would leave His footprints engraved forever in history and in their hearts as well.

At this time when education is in crisis, the example of Jesus and his disciples helps us to open our eyes to the true meaning of education: more than transmitting information, it is producing the ability to think, to question, to overcome challenges, and to understand the world. Many of the ills of today's societies indicate an urgent need for change and it necessarily involves the renewal of our minds. Paul, one of the exponents of Jesus’ apostles, said that we should not take the shape of our century, but rather we must transform ourselves by the renewing of our minds. He also said that we have the mind of Christ.

In other words, we have at our disposal, like clusters of a vine, within reach of the hand, the teachings of the Master. It is no accident that Christ Himself claimed to be the True Vine – He made Himself fully accessible so that we can be transformed through the renewal of our minds.

All we need to do is, having a new mindset, to reach and enjoy the riches of His intelligence.

Through this reading, you will certainly receive great help from the Master: regardless of your religion, you can find rich words of life. You will discover that there is meaning to life, that we can break free from the bonds of the past and, therefore, have the courage to face tomorrow. You may come to be filled with hope, wisdom, inner peace, joy, and freedom. You will find out that it is possible to overcome loneliness, depression, stress, and anxiety. It is fully possible to live a healthy life, in its broadest sense, based on the teachings of the Unforgettable Master!

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