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The Puzzle of Life

by Stephani Silva

Book summary

This book brings precious keys to understanding the complexity of life. Through the puzzle analogy, the author reveals to us who is our model image and whom we should seek to achieve. Like in the game, to reflect the image should be our life's purpose.​


About the book

Some seasons and situations in life are like "pieces" of a great puzzle - the puzzle called "life." Connecting these pieces creates sense and forms a complete picture. 

Life is full of surprising moments in which we don't know how or where to connect with others. Just like a puzzle, our everyday lives often present us with "pieces" that are hard to assemble.

"The Puzzle of Life" introduces us to the foundation, the principles, and the key to living fulfilled and abundant lives! This book reveals WHO the CORNERSTONE is that transforms us into the person God created us to be, experiencing true and complete freedom to reflect the image and glory of God Himself.

Product details:

On Sale: 09/07/22
Pages: 161
Publisher: Word Master Publisher
Size: A5
Key words: Testimony; Jesus Christ, Healing of Leukemia, Christianity

Book’s vídeo:


Author's info:

Stephani Silva is the wife of Thiago Rodrigues and the mother of Nathalie and Joy Rodrigues. She is from Goiania in Brazil and has been living in California since 2005.

Moved by countless prophetic statements and inspired by the Holy Spirit, she brings this book as an offering to the church today.

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